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 Concessions Menu 

Our menu may change from time to time, please be patient with our staff if we are currently out of stock on your favorite item.

Menu pricing is only available in store only.


• Cheese Nachos

• BBQ Nachos

• Chili Cheese Nachos

• Fried Pickles

• Mozzarella Sticks

• Jalapeño Poppers

• French Fries (Regular or Large)

• Chili Cheese Fries

• Pretzel, Salt & Cheese

• Chicken Wings (6, 12, or 18)

• Popcorn (Small or Large)

 Kids Menu 

for Kids 12 and Younger

Choose an Entree:

Small Hot Dog, 5 Chicken Bites or an Uncrustable

Choose a Side:

BBQ or Lays Chips

Choose a Drink:

Fruit Juice or Bottled Water


• Starnes BBQ Sandwich

• Hot Dog

• Chili Cheese Dog

• Chicken Bites

• Chicken & Waffle Sandwich


• 14" Pizza


Pepperoni, Sausage,

Hamburger, Peppers, Onion, Mushrooms, Bacon,

Extra Cheese

• 2 Slices of Pizza


• Gold Peak Tea

• Bottled Sodas

• Powerade

• Energy Drink

• Dasani or Smart Water

• Tum-e Yummies

• ICEE (16oz or 24oz)

• ICEE (Souvenir Cup)

 Combo Meals 

• BBQ sandwich


        fries and a bottled soda


• Hot Dog


        fries and a bottled soda


• 1 14" one topping pizza


        4 bottled sodas

• 10 Chicken Bites


        fries and a bottled soda


• Cinnamon Pretzel

• Funnel Cake Fries

• Brownie

• Gluten Free Cookie

• Chocolate Chip Cookie

• Candy

• Dippin' Dots

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